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Name: --------- Iildastine
Titles: ---------- Drachon of the White Rook; Engine Rider
Gender: ------- Androgynous Male
Age: ------------ Unknown; beyond 300 standard Terran Years
Race: ----------- Dark Eldar
Class: ----------- Brigadier; Cavalier; Rogue
Battle Style: -- Dexterous Assault: use of poisons, small arms,
and crippling strikes
Spellbook: ----
Armor: ---------
Ceremonial:: Light Incubus Class Chitinous Plating: Heavy-Duty Xenos mesh w/ carbon-based woven plating
Midship Raider:: Durable Carbon-based plating w/ ornamental caltrops and sashes
Rider's Garb:: Titansteel-hardness smoky quartz-like plating w/ few to no ornamental trophies

Weapons: -----
Primary Loadout::
Ceremonial Kris: 3 decimeter keen blade
Cleaning Knife: 2 decimeter dull spike; used for gutting
Spiked Punching gauntlet: 5 decimeter hooked blade
Combat Shortsword: 7 decimeter serrated edge, sword
Lloth's Kiss: 1.5 meter falchion; Power weapon; Venom

Bio: -------------- Drachon Iildastine is known for his cruel measures of interrogation and torment, but is also renown for a nearly patronly care for any and all in his chagrin. Iildastine, on a personal level, is known as being capricious, fickle, stoic, and uncannily civil in a whirling maelstrom of passion for his 'art.' In combat, he's generally a good deal more reserved, showy, and detached. He's among the best at what he does and he's none too prone to bouts of humility on the matter. He's not much of a diplomat, relying on his own wit and foresight into one's actions against the unnerved bumbling of his adversary to lead him to that which he seeks. Also, he makes due use of head games and morality in his favour.

History: --------- Drachon Iildastine is a renowned tactician and cloak-and-dagger strategist; having fought, executed, and bribed his way into becoming one of the most powerful beings in Commorragh under the Archons themselves. What keeps him from rising further is his lesser birth status as not being a trueborn as are all Archon Lords. He currently serves in the Kabaal of the White Rook, favouring heavy ordinance and drop transport to wrest the enemy's core objective away while simultaneously harrying them from within and without alike with skilled detatchments of shock troops and skiff-mounted suppressive fire.
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  • Reading: Galaxy in Flames
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